Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

JUNE 2023

French Bloom's Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Blooms in Switzerland

Switzerland's most renowned luxury department stores are about to witness a delightful revolution in the world of non-alcoholic beverages with the arrival of French Bloom's alcohol-free organic sparkling wine. Renowned for its exquisite taste and innovative approach, French Bloom is set to captivate Swiss consumers with its range of refreshing, alcohol-free alternatives. In an exciting collaboration, French Bloom has partnered with Globus, one of Switzerland's most prestigious luxury department stores, to introduce this groundbreaking beverage to the discerning Swiss clientele.

Get ready to indulge in a bubbly celebration without the alcohol, as French Bloom tantalizes taste buds all summer long!

Exploring French Bloom's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Know-How

French Bloom has mastered the art of crafting alcohol-free sparkling wine that provides a truly luxurious experience. Drawing inspiration from traditional winemaking techniques, French Bloom meticulously produces elegant and flavorful organic wines that delight even the most discerning palates. Each bottle of French Bloom is carefully crafted using premium organic wines carefully sourced from the best organic vineyards of Languedoc,  and blended with natural and organic ingredients like lemon, resulting in a vibrant and effervescent drink that mirrors the essence of the finest sparkling wine.

While being alcohol-free, French Bloom remains true to the sophisticated nature of its alcoholic counterparts. With a meticulous focus on quality, French Bloom offers an array of flavor profiles, ranging from crisp and citrusy to aromatic and fruity. Whether you prefer the classic Blanc or the vibrant Rosé, French Bloom has an alcohol-free organic sparkling wine to suit every taste preference.

Globus chooses French Bloom, alcohol-free sparkling wine, to broaden its premium selection

Luxury department stores and wine connoisseurs alike are eagerly anticipating the arrival of French Bloom at Globus. With its esteemed reputation for curating the finest selection of products, Globus is the perfect partner to showcase the exquisite flavors of French Bloom's alcohol-free sparkling wine to Swiss consumers. This collaboration not only reflects the growing demand for non-alcoholic options but also highlights Globus' commitment to offering exceptional choices to its discerning clientele.

Tastings Galore: French Bloom Takes Over Globus

To celebrate the launch, French Bloom has planned a series of exclusive tastings throughout the summer at various Globus department stores across Switzerland. These tastings will provide an opportunity for customers to experience the delightful flavors of French Bloom firsthand and discover their favorite organic cuvée.


The festivities kick off on Friday, June 2nd to Saturday, June 3rd, at the Globus Lausanne Store (Rue du Pont 5, 1003 Lausanne) in the "Vins et Delicatessen" area. From 1 pm to 7 pm, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of French Bloom, savoring the diverse range of alcohol-free sparkling wines on offer.


Throughout the summer, French Bloom will continue its tastings at other Globus locations, allowing enthusiasts to explore the captivating flavors of their alcohol-free offerings. Stay tuned for announcements of future dates and locations, as French Bloom spreads its effervescent joy across Switzerland.