Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Dry January: benefits of going alcohol-free for the month of January

Whether you're sober curious, looking to reduce your overall consumption, or searching for a healthier lifestyle, dry-months are a wonderful  way to reassess your relationship with alcohol and understand how it makes you feel.
The first event of the year, of course is Dry January, which challenges you to go alcohol-free for the first 31 days of the new year. If you have already started, you should already be feeling the benefits of stopping alcohol on your body and mind, not to mention optimizing your finances. For those who want to get started, find out in detail the 8 reasons why you should take the Dry January challenge.

And why not, turn this month into a whole year?

Quitting alcohol helps your body have more energy and be in better shape

Day after day, the benefits of going alcohol-free on you’re the body are manifesting themselves to your delight. You sleep better, which helps you gain more energy to face the day. Your complexion is more radiant and dark circles are less noticeable. Finally, stopping alcoholic beverages, which are often very high in calories, helps you lose weight. To support you in this initiative, you can opt for alternative drinks that are better for your health. Our alcohol-free cuvées French Bloom Le Blanc and Le Rosé are 5 times less caloric than wines and champagnes. Without
sulfites, without added sugar, without preservatives, our organic sparkling wines are suitable for pregnant women and moderate drinkers alike.

Your mind is more peaceful and finds its full performance capability during Dry January

Over the long term, alcohol consumption can cause significant damage to the brain. Taking a break from alcoholic beverages during Dry January can help  your body and mind perform and it’s full potential. Indeed, the reduction or even the complete stop of alcohol has many
benefits on your mental health. During the very first weeks, your concentration and memory levels will improve. Stopping alcohol also acts on improves your mental health as it makes you less vulnerable to anxiety and depression. For those who see alcohol as a social lubricant, you can always try new non-alcoholic drinks such as French Bloomsparkling wines French Bloom that will give the same elevated and social experience as your favorite chardonnay or champagne.

Enjoy new tasting experiences with zero-proof beverages like French Bloom sparkling wines

More than just alternatives to wines, spirits and other cellar classics, non-alcoholic beverages are now creative treasures. Dry January is the perfect opportunity to explore the world of No/Low drinks. Between cocktails of flavors brimming with health benefits, you may find your new favorite nectar. Why not even share your finds with your friends and family? Star of the celebration, French Bloom organic and non-alcoholic sparkling wines are the ideal drinks to make all your festive moments sparkle.