Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

MARCH, 2023

A truly sparkling and celebratory baby shower? With French Bloom, it is now possible!

Typically organized by dear friends and family of the mother-to-be to celebrate the arrival of a future bundle of joy, the baby shower is an opportunity to create unforgettable moments and mark a special occasion. With playful games, festive food and the opening of gifts for the baby, this unique moment is a true art-of-celebration. Just like any other party, all future moms out there can finally toast along with their guests during this happy event with French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wines. With 100% natural ingredients, no sulfites, no preservatives and no added sugar, the organic and alcohol-free French Bloom collection is perfectly suitable for pregnant women. Cheers!

Alcohol-free French Bloom sparkling wines offer an alternative to champagne and other drinks for a baby shower that everyone can cheers to!

Since no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy, future moms can sometimes feel excluded from festive gatherings. At French Bloom, we have created a collection of organic and alcohol-free sparkling wines which means that pregnant women can celebrate alongside their loved ones whenever they wish. Our 0.0% French Bubbly reaches a balance and aromatic complexity as sophisticated as those of champagnes and fine wines. The 0.0% alcohol content is made possible thanks to our innovative manual dealcoholization process and is a result of years of R&D. Whether by the flute or in a cocktail, our non-alcoholic French Sparkling collection will put the well-being of the mom-to-be and her guests at the heart of the celebration while awaiting the baby’s arrival.

With no preservatives and no sulfites, the French Bloom organic and alcohol-free sparkling wines are adapted to every step of pregnancy.

The preservatives and sulfites found in food can be a source of worry for pregnant women. Certain components can represent a risk for the mother and her future baby’s health, in the form of an allergy. The French Bloom organic and alcohol-free sparkling wines collection, Le Rosé and Le Blanc, are made with zero preservatives and no sulfites. The aromas of our non-alcoholic cuvées are preserved in a natural way to maintain all the flavors of the organic products.

Organic and alcohol-free French Bloom sparkling wines are low in calories and with no added sugar, for a baby shower without compromises.

While a source of pleasure for many of us, sugar is a key subject for some pregnant women. With all the sweets and cakes usually present at a baby shower party, it is not always easy to enjoy without compromise. Concerning the drinks, French Bloom’s alcohol-free and organic sparkling wines are the perfect accompaniment to toast guilt-free! French Bloom non-alcoholic wines are five times less caloric than champagne and wines with no added sugar. Its authentic, fresh and flavorful taste will brighten up any moment. Whichever your choice of cuvée, your guests will be delighted and the mother-to-be at the center of the celebration.