Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

MAY, 2023

5 zero-proof drinks to sip this summer

Fortune, United-States - Credit, Rachel King

Mocktails are no longer just on trend-they've become standard. Zero-proof, non-alcoholic beverages have revolutionized the beverage industry over the last few years, attracting both sober and sober curious customers as well as cocktail lovers who just want a non-alc option once in a while. The rise of non-alc elixirs and wines have also prompted scores of celebrities and large liquor brands alike to cash in with launching and acquiring startups making mixers and standalone non-alc drinks.

With summer celebrations on the horizon, here are five non-alcoholic, inclusive beverages making waves that you can safely sip all season long.

French Bloom

Few non-alcoholic wines have come even close to offering the body, nose, and palette that traditional wine (with an ABV around approximately 12% and higher) offers. But French Bloom, produced in the South of France, certainly comes close and is an ideal option for anyone looking for a wine similar to rosé but without the alcohol. Both its cuvées (blends) are organic and vegan-certified, contain no sulfites or conservatives, and are low calorie with no sugars added.

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